About Us

AllTimeBooks.com is a venture promoted by Oscar Publications, Delhi. As you know Oscar Publications is among the pioneers to start online bookstore from India.

Promoted in 1997, by Dr Y P Gogia, Oscar Publications have many first to their credit. Alltimebooks.com, is the Multi-currency website from India offering books for sale. Our customers now have the option of choosing the currency of their choice to make payment either in USD, Euro or Indian Rupee.

It is a pleasure to shop at www.alltimebooks.com. The backend shopping cart software has many advance features that would make your shopping simple and quick. Some of the such features are as follows:

  • Customer Registration: This features allows you to register yourself as www.alltimebooks.com buyer. You can specify your billing address as well as shipping address if the two are different. The advantage of registration is that every time you place visit www.alltimebooks.com and place an order, you need not provide your billing and shippinG details. We only store the address details. No payment information such as your credit card number is stored on our servers.
  • Address book: This feature allows you to maintain your billing address and shipping address. You add your default address or the billing address in the contact information. You can also maintain separate shipping addresses.
  • Multi-Currency: The basic book price of the books is in Indian Rupee. However, www.alltimebooks.com offers you to choose any of the three currencies, i.e. USD, Euro and Indian Rupee. Thus, if you are an Europen customer, it is easier for you to maintain your account in Euro instead of USD. Current Currency coverion rates are as follows: 1 INR = 0.02449 USD 1 INR = 0.01806 Euro The rates are frequently updated as per the market trends.
  • Order History: Once you have registered and placed a few orders, you can view your complete order history with the staus of each order.
  • Print Invoices: You can also print the invoice of your order if you need to keep physical records of your purchase.
  • Online orders tracking: www.alltimebooks.com offers the facility of tracking the status of your orders. Once you place your order with us, we update the records within 24-48 hours of receving your order. You can log on to your account and check the order status.
  • Online feedback forms: www.alltimebooks.com offers you online feedback form. You can ask your queries through this form.
  • Mailing list: You can add you e-mail address in our mailing list. This feature is used to annount important book releases and website updates.
  • Affiliate Programme: If you a website you can join our affiliate programme and earn commission on each order.