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Verb-Morphology In Middle Indo-Aryan

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(Size: 22x14 cm), Verb - Morphology in Middle Indo-Aryan is a comprehensive study of the development of Prakrit languages, namely Pali Saurasent, Maharastri, Jain Prakrits like Jain Saurasent and Jain Maharastri and Apabhramsa. Main emphasis lies on the synchronic study in describing the structure of the Verbal forms of each dialect. Then an attempt has been made tom slow growth of development from the Vedic period up to the end of Middle Indo-Aryan period. ISBN:9788121503051 8121503051 vii+336 Yr. of Pub.1975 Hard Bound English Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers (P) Ltd., New Delhi


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