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Wooing The Generals : India's New Burma Policy

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(Size: 22.5x14cms.), Part 1. Historic and Geo-strategic Background : 1. Indo-Burmese Relations in History; 2. Geo-strategic Importance of the Region; Part II. Stakes Involved : Geopolitical Framework of Relations between India and Burma/Myanmar, 3. Instability of North-East India : The Burmese CConnections; 4. The Chinese Presence in Myanmar; 5. India's Entry into Asia-the Burmese Frontier First; Part III. India's Response : Tools of Indian Diplomacy; 6. India's Burmese Policy; 7. economy as the Tool of Choice; 8. India's Strategy in the Indian Ocean-Counter-balancing the Chinese; Part IV. Problems and Prospects : Betwixt Fantasy and Reality, 9. Facts and Reality : Indian Fantasies and Chinese Realpolitik; 10. Burmese Military : Master of its Diplomacy?. Appendices, Bibliography, Index ISBN:9788172731731 8172731736 246 Yr. of Pub.2003 Hard Bound English Authors Press, Delhi


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